The Story

Ages ago travelers of an ancient race came from across time and space to this world, an attempt to find a new home to belong to when the burdens of overpopulation lead to stagnation. To learn, to share, to live, they came to the World of Two Moons, but something was not right, something happened. In their sleep-stasis, the webbing keeping them asleep and preserved was cut by "pets"; pets who had become sentient, and learned to resent and hate their masters. This lead to a crash course, ending their journey at the wrong time.

When they landed, confused, they were greeted by man. Not the man they had expected, but savage, afraid, hateful of these newcomers. Adya was the first to extend a hand...and the first to fall.

For millenia it has been like this, the elves have been hated, feared, revered, and even worshiped by humans. They split to the four winds and their traits changed, from the lupine Wolfriders whose mortal blood binds them with the world, the archaic Gliders who possess many of the ancient magics, the Sunfolk who live pleasantly in the colorful land of Sorrow's End, to the Wavedancers, sharing the seas with the dolphin creatures who they share their tribe name with.

Come and create your own stories. What shall you be?

The Guidelines

  • We welcome new people to observe and ask questions (in PM). As an observer please put some variation of o in your name (*o*, -o-, ~o~, etc.).
  • If you already know about ElfQuest and how the characters on the world act, you are more than welcome to bring a character in to test out play. If you like it, stick around and make a character to be approved on the board.
  • The time in this room is the equivalent to the very early dark ages. There is no technology, period, unless you count mills and looms.
  • The room controller has the final say in most matters involving the room and those within it. However, she does not reserve the right to do so in a bitchy manner.
  • Required: Common sense and a willingness to learn
  • No OOC drama, no mixing, and it's difficult to godmode in here, but that goes with common sense.
  • Keep OOC (mostly) in PM and in IM's, keep IC in the room. Never the twain shall meld.
  • Site rules are to be followed of course. These are the room guidelines, though they may be added to or subtracted from as any new ones come to mind.

About the Setting

ElfQuest was published originally as an independent comic book, then in the early to mid 80's it was turned into a role-playing game by Chaosium. This room is loosely based on the comic book, via the roleplaying game. Very few characters from the original comics will be played (key elves who are 10,000+ years old).

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